Are you struggling to make quality videos? Have you started making videos but are struggling to get attention? Or do you have some traffic but struggle to make any money?

70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm.

(Hootsuite, Dec 2019)



Suggested video: this is where most of the traffic lives. And the only way to hop in that conga line is with - wait for it - quality video. Though, quality video is not just what you record and edit, it's essential to have spot-on and well researched metadata to even begin to have your videos be considered for YouTube's recommendation algorithm.

Here's the reality

What you’re doing with video isn’t working. And if you continue down that road, you’ll find yourself overworked, stressed out, with nothing (or very little) to show for it.

Fortunately for you, there’s hope.

My name is Sam Pareti

I’ve filmed, produced and edited brand videos and designed graphics for several multi-million dollar brands across the country (Orangetheory, Budweiser, W Hotels and more) that have generated millions of views and engagements across all social media platforms since 2014. I started my business, ParEdits, in 2017 as a Brand Agency for smaller brands, leading me to eventually leave my full-time job as a video producer and graphic designer. Soon after I started my business, I landed a job as the Lead Film Editor working on a feature-length "ScreenLife" film in Hollywood, which was my dream job at the time.

Now I focus my time on helping brands grow and succeed by teaching people like you how to create quality video, and how to do what I’ve done in growing my YouTube Channel. With just 11 videos uploaded, my channel went from 1 subscriber a month, to 1 subscriber a day, to 1 subscriber every few hours!

And that's what this Growth Blueprint is all about.

Growth Blueprint: How to Reverse-Engineer Your YouTube Videos and Get More Views

A PDF Guide for YouTube success written by Sam Pareti, Founder of ParEdits


Here's what you'll get



Keyword Optimized Channel & Videos

This Growth Blueprint will teach you how Keyword Research works for your channel. We will engineer the relationship between your videos and your channel with a consistent metadata system for YouTube to read, sort, rank, and serve your videos through its search engine and suggested video section

Reverse-Engineered Creative Strategies

Your mindset on creating videos to grow your business will transform from “I can’t get any views on these videos I put all my hard work into” to “I can create any video I want and people will find it and share it”.

Exponential Channel Growth

Instead of 12 views in 4 days, how about we get 12 views in 4 minutes, or even 4 seconds? That sounds great, but how in the world can we achieve that if our channel has little to no audience? The answer is researching, strategizing and optimization! That’s what this Growth Blueprint is all about, and with it you'll be able to watch your YouTube views and new subscriber rate rise 10x.


Find your keywords


Remove keyword clutter


Analyze your niche keywords


Identify and filter your top niches


Plan videos with ranked metadata

Get Your Growth Blueprint for YouTube Success

Learn how to Reverse-Engineer your YouTube Channel from the ground up to get more views with this Growth Blueprint from ParEdits

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A 15-Page PDF Guide for YouTube success written by Sam Pareti, Founder of ParEdits


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What People Are Saying



The Best Mentor I have Ever Had

"Sam brings rare and desirable characteristic of "what more can I do". While working with him you can feel his passion and while he was the most knowledgeable person in the room you never felt like he was looking down upon your knowledge level. He is extremely patient and I would consider him the best mentor I have ever had in any field that I have been involved with."

JT, Videography Student for 2+ years with Sam

Wonderful tutor!

"Sam is very responsive and punctual. My son is really enjoying his video editing sessions with Sam and has been learning some great, new techniques. I recommend hiring Sam for your tutoring needs!"

Liat, Mother of YouTube Student for 9+ months with Sam


He's very patient, knowledgeable

"Sam is amazing.  With his help I was comfortable and up to speed in Premiere in no time!  He’s very patient, knowledgeable - and always up for any design challenge I throw his way.  Cheers Sam!"

Bruce, Motion Graphics student for 9+ months with Sam

Super knowledgeable and helpful! Love working with him.

"I’ve learned a lot from Sam! He has a lot of patience and he makes himself feel very understood. I will continue to do classes with Sam as long as I learn After Effects. Thank you Sam!"

Carolina, Motion Graphics student for 6+ months with Sam

Every session I learn something new from Sam

"Tutoring with Sam has been a wonderful experience! He truly cares about your success and caters his sessions to where you are at in your learning journey. Every session I learn something new from Sam and he goes out of his way to help me with any question no matter how big or small. Tutoring with Sam has not only set me up with a good understanding of the basics, but has also given me great advice for reaching out to clients. I highly recommend Sam, especially if you are just starting your journey and looking for a strong foundation in videography/photography principles. My whole experience has been amazing because of his insightful advice, patience, and constructive/positive feedback!"

Anne, Videography Student for 4+ months with Sam

Start Working Smarter, Not Harder



This Growth Blueprint will show you how to prepare your video ideas based on what your audience is ACTUALLY looking for. The strategies in this are not only necessary for YouTube success, but guaranteed to convert into more views and subscribers per upload.

Your keyword research will turn into the exact words you use to say in your videos and focus on in your videos. They will turn into topics for your channel to build playlists around. In the end, if YouTube can read your title, description, tags and transcription of your videos and the same words are used throughout, it will deem it as a relevant video for when people search for those keywords, thus resulting in a higher ranking in YouTube searches.

Transform Your YouTube Channel



By the end of this Growth Blueprint, you'll have a spreadsheet filled with keyword researched tags for your channel, your playlists, and your videos resulting in better video titles, descriptions, relevant tags and video content to get more views and subscribers for your channel.

Every video you upload will have the ability to generate 100, 200, 500, or even thousands of views each day purely based off of your keyword research with this Growth Blueprint.


Yes, I want the Growth Blueprint!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, simply request a refund within 30 days and get your money back - no questions asked.

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