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Built by Sam Pareti, Adobe Certified Instructor for Video Editing & Founder of ParEdits

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Here is the finished version of the demo video you'll be creating from scratch throughout the course.


Want  to save time editing?

Do you have a need for speed and want to use more keyboard shortcuts? Do you feel great after completing a video you are proud of? Or do you need some creative inspiration after learning how to use a tool better?

All of the above?


You're not alone.

On average, only 5-15% of students complete a course.

(Thinkific, Oct 2021)



I understand that most people who sign up for this course will not complete it, but one thing is for certain, they will take all the golden nuggets they can get. This Adobe Premiere Pro course is FILLED with golden nuggets, and I guarantee you will find a shortcut or tool in Premiere Pro you have never fully utilized that will save you tons of time as you continue to make more videos...

Here's the reality

Your editing skills need work. And if you continue down the road you're on, you’ll find yourself overworked, stressed out, with nothing (or very little) to show for it.

Fortunately for you, there’s hope.

My name is Sam Pareti

I’ve traveled, filmed, produced and edited brand videos and designed graphics for several multi-million dollar brands across the US (Orangetheory, Budweiser, W Hotels and more) that have generated millions of views and engagements across all social media platforms since 2014. I started my business, ParEdits, in 2017 as a Brand Agency for smaller brands, leading me to eventually leave my full-time job as a video producer and graphic designer. Soon after I started my business, I landed a job as the Lead Film Editor working on a feature-length "ScreenLife" film in Hollywood, which was my dream job at the time.

Now I focus my time on helping brands grow and succeed by teaching people like you how to create quality video, and how to do what I’ve done in building my Portfolio.

With my love for videography, 15+ years of video editing, film editing and creating videos professionally under my belt, I'm sharing all of my tips, tricks and strategies to help set students up for success.

And that's what this Premium Course on Adobe Premiere Pro is all about...

Zero to Hero: Adobe Premiere Pro

A Premium Course built for aspiring editors and video creators by Sam Pareti, Founder of ParEdits


Here's what's inside...


25 Lessons organized into 5 Modules

This carefully-packaged, two and a half hour course paves the way for your transformation into a fast, highly-skilled and carefully-polished video editor.

How to Setup Adobe Premiere Pro

These five, 2-8 minute lessons will help you learn how to install, setup, import footage, use Workspaces and organize your projects in Premiere Pro 2020.

How to Start Editing in Premiere Pro

These five, 6-9 minute lessons will help you learn how to create proxies, edit videos, edit audio, edit interviews with B-Roll, and create text in Premiere Pro 2020.

How to Create Branded Videos in Premiere Pro

These five, 5-8 minute lessons will help you learn how to add music to your videos, color correct, add your logo to your videos, animate a logo intro, a logo outro, create nests and create templates in Premiere Pro 2020.

How to Export Videos in Premiere Pro

These five, 4-8 minute lessons will help you learn how to export a video, export using Media Encoder, export for YouTube vs Instagram vs The Big Screen, export sections of your videos and export with subtitles in Premiere Pro 2020.

5 Essential Habits for Premiere Pro Users

These five, 5-10 minute lessons will help you learn how to never lose your work in Premiere Pro, speed up your rendering, export videos faster, make your videos get more views and reverse-engineer your YouTube channel to get more views in 2020.


+ Extra Resources You Need To Save Time Editing

Complete with the exact demo footage used in the lessons available to download for you to follow along. Along with Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts, 1 on 1's with Sam and more!


Install Premiere Pro & Setup the Project


Start Editing Video, Audio & Text


Add Logos, an Intro & Outro


Render Your Videos Fast & Light


Build Essential Habits like a Pro

Get Your Free Trial of the Premium Course

Learn how to setup, edit, brand, export and become a real pro with Adobe Premiere Pro and go from ZERO TO HERO!

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What People Are Saying



Your course took me from 0-100

"Your course took me from 0-100 and I will recommend it for anyone. I'm definitely going to go over it to learn some stuff I might have missed 💯"

Gabriel, Narvin Ali, Adobe Premiere Pro Student for 1+ years with Sam

Sam is very responsive and punctual!

"Sam is very responsive and punctual. My son is really enjoying his video editing sessions with Sam and has been learning some great, new techniques. I recommend hiring Sam for your tutoring needs!"

Liat Reeis, Mother of YouTube Student for 9+ months with Sam

He's very patient, knowledgeable

"Sam is amazing.  With his help I was comfortable and up to speed in Premiere in no time!  He’s very patient, knowledgeable - and always up for any design challenge I throw his way.  Cheers Sam!"

Bruce Egger, Motion Graphics student for 9+ months with Sam

Super knowledgeable and helpful! Love working with him.

"I’ve learned a lot from Sam! He has a lot of patience and he makes himself feel very understood. I will continue to do classes with Sam as long as I learn After Effects. Thank you Sam!"

Carolina Caicedo, Motion Graphics student for 6+ months with Sam

The Best Mentor I have Ever Had

"Sam brings rare and desirable characteristic of "what more can I do". While working with him you can feel his passion and while he was the most knowledgeable person in the room you never felt like he was looking down upon your knowledge level. He is extremely patient and I would consider him the best mentor I have ever had in any field that I have been involved with."

JT Healy, Videography Student for 2+ years with Sam

Every session I learn something new from Sam

"He truly cares about your success and caters his sessions to where you are at in your learning journey. Every session I learn something new from Sam and he goes out of his way to help me with any question no matter how big or small. Sam has not only set me up with a good understanding of the basics, but has also given me great advice for reaching out to clients. I highly recommend Sam, especially if you are just starting your journey and looking for a strong foundation in videography/photography principles. My whole experience has been amazing because of his insightful advice, patience, and constructive/positive feedback!"

Anne McCormack, Videography Student for 4+ months with Sam

Start Working Smarter, Not Harder



The time you would have to invest in searching for tutorials, watching a tutorial that seems great only to be dissapointed, and recycling that motivation to keep going is immeasurable. This Premium Course will guide you through over 4,000 videos created and over $150,000 of experience earned, compressed into just two and a half hours.

This Premium Course will teach you how to create high-quality videos in Premiere Pro so you can ACTUALLY get paid from real clients. The lessons, tips and strategies in this are not only necessary for becoming a successful video editor, but guaranteed to convert your videos into carefully-polished, detail-oriented pieces of work.

Let's have some fun with this too!

Each Module within the course has its own theme and props used during the lessons.

  • The Beach - to set the tone for how easy-breezy this course will be.
  • The Science Lab - for experimenting and learning all about editing.
  • A Grassy Morning - for bunny-hopping into branding and templates.
  • Deep Space - so we can ride those exports through the universe, in style.
  • Back Home - to hit hard on all the essential habits needed for your future videos.

Transform Your Skillset



By the end of this Premium Course, you'll have a skillset with Premiere Pro that will lead you down the path of understanding the human experience. Working in video and getting those reps in, gaining experience from client to client will have you finding yourself discovering things about human psychology you never would've thought of inquiring for.

Every video you create will have the ability to not only generate 100, 200, 500, or even thousands of views each day based off the content and platform it's posted on, but will also let you inside the minds of many people that have very impressive resumes and messages to share with the world. This is made possible through your newly acquired skillset with Adobe Premiere Pro after taking this course. You never know who you may find yourself editing for.

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, and stay on the cutting edge.
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