The Creator Challenge Show with Sam Pareti

The Creator Challenge Show with Sam Pareti

Hosted by: Sam Pareti

The Creator Challenge Show helps YouTubers, Live-streamers and Social Media Managers bridge the gap between dreams and reality by firing up the passion and excitement behind the work it takes to get to the top....

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002: MY DESK SETUP - 4 Tips for YouTuber Desk Setups

Read the blog: I'm going to show you my desk setup as well as 4 tips for YouTuber desk setups. [0:00] Tip #1: Recording Desk[1:17] Tip #2: Editing Desk[3:06] Tip #3:...
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001: YOU DON'T NEED a High-End Graphics Card - Top 5 YouTuber Editing PC Tips

Read the blog: Today I'm going to tell you my top five editing PC tips, whether you're looking for a new computer (Mac or PC) or you're just looking for an upgrade. [0:36] Tip...
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