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ParEdits Community Members climb the ranks to be featured in the TOP 3 most important videos to learn from within the community. Each video will be highlighted and reviewed LIVE on YouTube and shared across the ParEdits community. Candidates from all over the world can submit their work to win VALUABLE PRIZES!! 

See Qualifications and FAQs below.



Prize: 50% Off One ParEdits Store Item
Creator: [Community Member]

Link: [Video URL]


Prize: Choice of P/E T-Shirt or P/E Hat 
Creator: [Community Member]

Link: [Video URL]


Prize: Choice of P/E Wristband or P/E Decal 
Creator: [Community Member]

Link: [Video URL]

Does Your Video Qualify?

In order to submit your video for a chance to make it onto the ParEdits Leaderboard, your video must adhere to all of the qualifications! 


  1. You need to be a member of the ParEdits Community
  2. Your video must abide by the ParEdits Video Sharing Policy
  3. Your video must be submitted and viewable via YouTube (Public or Unlisted)
  4. Your video submission must be submitted within the current month. For example, If the next Ranking Update is coming in August, any submissions before July will not be accepted.
  5. You must be able to prove that you worked on the video. If it was through editing, directing, filming, and/or sound design, you must provide proof of credit towards the production. You or your brand being the subject in the video, a letter of recommendation from a co-creator, or your credit in the end crawl will work for proof of credit!
  6. Finally it must be shared as an individual post within the "Community Showcase" Topic within the ParEdits Community.

Visit the "ParEdits Leaderboard" tab within the Help Center for Frequently Asked Questions!


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