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Your Step-By-Step Transformation

By the end of this 90-minute course, you will acquire the skills necessary to take your brand to the next level with video content.
You will have produced your own professional-grade video with your own motion graphics you created from scratch, and topped of with your own customized logo animation!


"How to Create & Design Video Content for Your Brand in 3 Weeks"

To start this mini-course, we'll be talking about why creating video is important in building an audience and crafting the look of a brand. I also want to share with you why using the skills you’ll learn from these lessons to design your brand's look helps you grab the attention of people who would actually buy from you, and who truly value your work!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create & design video content for your brand!

You will learn how to feel comfortable on camera, make videos with a camera, import video and audio into Adobe Premiere Pro, start editing in Premiere Pro, and also render and export video in Premiere Pro!

Learn how create professional-grade videos from start to finish, quickly with this 5-Part, Full Tutorial! 

Part 1 (00:28): How to Feel Comfortable on Camera

Part 2 (02:49): How to Make Videos with a Camera

Part 3 (11:53): How to Import Video & Audio into Premiere Pro

Part 4 (18:40): How to Edit Video in Premiere Pro

Part 5 (24:43): How to Export Video in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make motion graphics for your brand!

You will learn how to create motion graphics from scratch, design & animate those motion graphics, use templates from the "Essential Graphics" Panel in Premiere Pro, and apply them into a YouTube strategy.

This 5-Part, Full Tutorial will transform your videos and your brand with amazing motion graphics!

Part 1 (00:28): How to Make Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

Part 2 (06:15): How to Design Graphics for Your Videos

Part 3 (11:21): How to Animate Graphics in Premiere Pro

Part 4 (15:08): How to Use Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro

Part 5 (18:07): How to Make Motion Graphics for YouTube

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to animate a logo for your brand with Adobe After Effects!

You will learn how to start animating a logo, animate in After Effects, use Video CoPilot’s “Optical Flares”, create an awesome animated intro, and render and export that intro in After Effects.

This 5-Part, Full Tutorial is the most-requested tutorial to date and it will transform you videos with an amazing looking intro!

Part 1 (00:28): How to Start Animating a Logo

Part 2 (04:04): How to Animate a Logo in After Effects

Part 3 (19:01): How to Use Optical Flares in After Effects

Part 4 (24:08): How to Create an Intro in After Effects

Part 5 (29:38): How to Render & Export Video in After Effects

To wrap up the course, we’ll go over what it means for your audience now that you’re creating more exposure for the value you bring, and also how you can make sure that exposure is carefully crafted to your liking while also effectively converting into more attention, followers, and customers.

Meet Your Instructor

Sam Pareti, Creator of ParEdits

Sam is a Film Editor, Video Producer & Creator with a fiery passion for design, branding and digital video production. He's created video content to market hundreds of different brands including: W Hotels, Hilton, Marriott, Orangetheory Fitness, Massage Envy, Budweiser, and more!
Sam's favorite part of it all is all of the amazing people he gets to meet and work with along the way.
Now, after generating millions of impressions for big brands and creating thousands of videos to market multi-million dollar companies, he's focusing on ParEdits. He's building courses to help entrepreneurs and videographers grow their brands and following by understanding what makes a successful video for a brand, along with how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud from a beginner level.



This course will teach you how to create exposure for your brand and/or business using digital video content that your audiences will love. You will be able to professionally produce video content to create a story that effectively shows people what you do, how you do it, and why you do it - which will lead to more sales! Creating a story around an offer with videos will engage more and more clients to want to learn more and more about you, your brand, and what you have to offer.


"So refreshing to have a simple video and thorough explanation of how to use Premiere. Thanks for making this video, Sam, and making Premiere a lot easier to use!"

- JT Healy | Freelance Videographer

"Very easy tutorials to follow, helpful, fairly quick and to the point and I like how you highlight commands and shortcuts to use as well! Keep it up!"

- Connery Wheaton | YouTuber

"I love how you make your videos, so simple yet effective. Love the line at the bottom where you have what we will learn. I knew some things about animating on premiere pro but did not know about the smooth in or out. Thanks for the tip. I have subscribed."

- Peacock Media Journey | YouTuber



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